The History of CMP Pharma

CMP Pharma was founded by Henry Smith as Carolina Medical Products (CMP) Company in 1975 while he was a professor of drug manufacturing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Pharmacy. In 1982, CMP Pharma’s SPS® Suspension was the first FDA approved suspension form of Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate for the treatment of hyperkalemia. Prior to this approval, Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate was only available as a powder for suspension.

Approvals followed for Isoniazid Oral Solution, USP, the only FDA approved liquid treatment for tuberculosis, as well as Hydrocortisone 1% in Absorbase®, Triamcinolone Acetonide 0.05% in Absorbase®, and Amantadine Hydrochloride Oral Solution.

Other products include:

  • Oracit® – a treatment for metabolic conditions
  • Dermacloud Ointment – an OTC skin protectant
  • Absorbase® – a non-prescription topical ointment for dry skin conditions
  • Simethicone Drops – an OTC agent for relief of symptoms associated with gas in the digestive tract

We’ve manufactured high-quality pharmaceutical products at our Farmville, North Carolina facility since 1986.