CMP Pharma’s Potassium Phosphates Injection Receives FDA Shelf Life Extension for Specific Lots

Now Approved

The FDA just approved Liqrev
(Sildenafil) Oral Suspension.
Check back soon
for more information

Now Approved

The FDA just approved
Atorvaliq (atorvastatin calcium)
Oral Suspension. Check back
soon for more information.

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Now Available:

The first and only FDA-approved
Oral Suspension of Tadalafil

The first FDA-approved Oral Solution of
Amlodipine for adults and children 6 and older

Branded Oral Liquids
Customized care that
provides consistent dosing

Branded oral liquids such as those provided by CMP Pharma help both health care professionals and patients avoid the risks associated with crushing/compounding tablets.

The Right Medication
For The Right Patient

CMP Pharma is focused on customized patient care. Our novel therapies are centered on the needs of patient populations who are not served by traditional products or formulations.

Avoid the Risks &
Inconsistencies of

The FDA has recently issued stricter guidance about the use of crushed/compounded products, recommending the use of FDA-approved liquid alternatives such as those provided by CMP Pharma.

Novel Products for Customized Care

At CMP Pharma, we address the critical needs of older and younger patient populations through the development and manufacturing of a portfolio of high value semi-solid and liquid products. Our products include leading high-quality branded and generic prescription products, as well as a variety of non-prescription pharmaceutical products, which we distribute to hospitals, long-term care facilities, and retail channels.

Governance and Growth Through Innovation

The leadership at CMP Pharma focuses on providing support, encouragement, and inspiration to the workforce. We foster innovation and leadership at all levels, and firmly believe that a functional foundation of governance promotes corporate growth and stability. Our management team’s diverse backgrounds support and enhance our company’s market presence.